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PLC software

We work with many brands that use different brands according to the project. We follow the new software and products that are needed in today's fast.
We continue to support projects that have already been made. We also revise the discontinued PLCs and systems in these projects so that they are updated.
PLC and HMI brands that have been implemented today:
-Siemens S7-200 :
There are micro PLC.CPU-221, 222,224,226 and 226XM models preferred for small complex automation projects. Communication between PC and S7-200 is provided via MPI cable by RS-232 or RS-485 or by inserting the computer CP card. The program is made with the STEP 7 MICROWIN editor.
-Siemens S7-1200:
TIA PORTAL project planning software provides simple and fast programming, communication and commissioning of S7-1200 micro PLC and SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels. Different types of I / O and communication modules can be installed in the center of the micro PLC to provide flexible expansion options to the unit. System; Project management software, PROFINET port for easy connection and communication between controllers and HMI units.
-Siemens S7-300 :
A modular PLC system developed for moderately performing tasks · A rich range of products to suit different automation problems · Easy and trouble free expansion when a Prosest development is needed · Ability to connect to communication networks such as MPI, Profibus and Industrial Ethernet · Support for a large set of programming stages · Programming with high level programming techniques such as SCL, Graph
-Klockner Moeller :
It is an advantageous PLC because it has 4 channels of analog input and 4 channels of analog output on this capable PLC programmed with SUCOSOFT software. It communicates with the SUCONET communication protocol. PS4-272-MM1 and PS4-201-MM1 stand out with its PLC.
The MV4-450-TA1 color and MV4-150-TA1 monochrome color-capable displays were developed by the Swiss Mikrowin software company. The display communicates with RS-232 and SUCONET protocols and is a durable touch screen with a very long life.
We can build iX-TxA models of the Beijer brand, iX panel applications in familiar familiar lane menu, intuitive and help windows environment. Vector-based scalable graphics and Windows media objects make your application much more professional and reflect your high standard of application.